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Shashank Shekhar

Designed, Created, and Delivered By SHASHANK SHEKHAR

Top 15 Loan Officer in the Country Over $1 Billion in Closed Production2020 Volume - $351 Million

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We set out to create the best Loan Officer Training Platform ever created. We meticulously crafted every training module. Everything, from the Trainers to the Topics to the Tools have been handpicked by Shashank to give your business the Quantum Leap you never imagined was possible.

Shashank Shekhar Teaches

Doing Business Planning the Right Way
#1 Strategy to get more realtor® business
The Perfect Loan Process
How to get 2x done in Half the Time
  • Mark MacInerney, Owner/MLO - Codemark Financial

    Shashank is an incredibly successful and powerful mortgage professional, I realized how much of a privilege it was to have borrowed this man's time to pick his brain and to take notes on how I could establish my very own Mortgage empire. If you're seeking out training on his platform, you're seeking out the best there is!

  • Michelle Dugan, Broker/Owner - MS Lending

    Shashank Shekhar is not only a leader in the mortgage industry in terms of production, he is a leader when it comes to educating and training future top producing loan originators as well. His insight on the industry is like none other. If he is speaking or teaching - listen up. Every loan originator can learn something from Shashank to improve their business model, processes, mindset, etc. His knowledge is endless!

  • Shelby Elias, Broker/Owner - United Wholesale Lending

    I have been in the business for over a decade and have hired hundreds of loan officers. The realtor acquisition strategy Shashank is using is one of the most effective I've seen.

  • Staci Stanley, Broker/MLO - Access Home Loans

    In the last year, I have had an extensive opportunity to learn Shashank's business strategy and philosophy. He is a precise and tactical originator. Understating his approach to the basics such as Time Management, to higher level approaches such as Developing Quality Referral Partnerships has been invaluable to my business. If you are looking to elevate your business, I would highly encourage you to look at his training program.

Meet Your Faculty

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Barry Habib
Megan Anderson
  • Shashank Shekhar has an easy-going teaching method that he uses that will inspire you to learn from his proven loan origination techniques that will more than double your income. I would highly recommend that you sign up as soon as possible and come prepare to learn from a true expert, who is practicing what he is teaching, and not just teaching you about sales theory. He is the Real Deal!

    Ben Slayton
    President & CEO - Legacy Home Loans
  • Shashank Is a forward thinking thought Leader and has innovative ideas on how to capture realtor's attention and have them send you business. That coupled with his 12-touch realtor program truly make him a unique Mentor in today's Mortgage world.

    JC Mier
    Branch Manager/MLO – Alpha Loan Group – Alterra
  • Regardless of how many years you've been in business, Shashank will blow your mind with his insight and knowledge! You NEED his training!"

    Cassandra Evers
    "Mortgage Loan Guru", MLO
  • Shashank is an inspiration among the very best of Loan Officers, not only because he is an incredible coach and mentor, but also because his depth of wisdom is not limited to mortgages. He has a simple, yet precise ability to cut through the chaos and confusion in our business and communicate systems and processes with the elegance and authenticity of a man who looks for ways to help elevate others. You would be blessed to work with Shashank.

    Marty Hankins Johnson
    Branch Manager – Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp
Tim Davis
Teaches Personal Branding
Andrew Pawlak
Teaches Online Lead Conversion
Khai McBride
Teaches The Perfect Team Structure

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