2x-10x your business with proven strategies, systems, and tools of a $235 million/year producer

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  • Mark MacInerney, Owner/MLO - Codemark Financial

    Shashank is an incredibly successful and powerful mortgage professional, I realized how much of a privilege it was to have borrowed this man's time to pick his brain and to take notes on how I could establish my very own Mortgage empire. If you're seeking out training on his platform, you're seeking out the best there is!

  • Michelle Dugan, Broker/Owner - MS Lending

    Shashank Shekhar is not only a leader in the mortgage industry in terms of production, he is a leader when it comes to educating and training future top producing loan originators as well. His insight on the industry is like none other. If he is speaking or teaching - listen up. Every loan originator can learn something from Shashank to improve their business model, processes, mindset, etc. His knowledge is endless!

This is what my 2019 personal production looked like. Me and three processors.

2018 wasn't bad either. Over $180 million.

In fact, I am one of the fastest ever to reach $1 Billion in personal production taking less than 10 years – that's an average of $100 million/year.

But it wasn't always like that.

I got into the mortgage business in 2008. Yes, you read that right – in 2008, when more than half of the loan originators were leaving the industry. I was new to the country as I had recently moved from India.

With a bare $1900 as my starting capital and the kitchen table of my rented apartment as my "office", I officially became an entrepreneur.

The best coaches will tell you that if you are new to a business, work your Sphere of Influence (SOI) first. Well, I had 3 people on that list. And they were co-workers from my past company that had recently filed bankruptcy. So, you can guess, not really in a tearing hurry to buy a home.

In the proceeding 12 months, I closed a whopping 7 loans: that's an average of half a loan a month. Given that it was 2008 and my SOI number was effectively Zero, even 7 loans was a respectable number.

Not respectable enough to feed the family though which made me question my decision. I was qualified enough to command a 6-figure salary in corporate America. So, why wasn't I?

The dream of entrepreneurship, doing something of my own, kept me in the business.

And after trying every strategy that other LOs in the industry were working, and failing at, I decided to start doing things that virtually no one was doing.

And very slowly but surely – things started moving.

Next year, I closed $12 million.

I started creating, executing, and perfecting my own strategies, my own tools.

4 years later, I made it to the Top 200 Loan Originators in America. Last year I was #15.

From $2.8M in 2009 to $235M in 2019 was a lot of hard work but it was also trying out a dozen things and finding out the one thing that sticks – over and over again.

I am a teacher at heart, I guess I got that from my mom who was an elementary school teacher. So, I wanted to teach those "one things that sticks" to hundreds and thousands of Loan Officers who could use my help.

I could have used a ton of that help during my early days.

But I didn't want to do private coaching alone, charge people $2000 a month, and only coach 10 Loan Officers.

I wanted my learnings to reach as many Loan Officers as possible at a price that anyone could afford.

  • Shelby Elias, Broker/Owner - United Wholesale Lending

    I have been in the business for over a decade and have hired hundreds of loan officers. The realtor acquisition strategy Shashank is using is one of the most effective I've seen.

  • Staci Stanley, Broker/MLO - Access Home Loans

    In the last year, I have had an extensive opportunity to learn Shashank's business strategy and philosophy. He is a precise and tactical originator. Understating his approach to the basics such as Time Management, to higher level approaches such as Developing Quality Referral Partnerships has been invaluable to my business. If you are looking to elevate your business, I would highly encourage you to look at his training program.

OMG! Should I blog? Do video? Start a podcast? What about First Time Home Buyer Seminars?

I am sure you are asking these questions all the time.

And so we end up doing a little bit of this…a little bit of that. Soon, we're tearing our hair out with all the things we "have to" do - and we're not even sure any of it is actually working!

You can do that. Most of your competitors do.

Or...you could focus on the tried, tested, and proven strategies that actually work.

No more wasted time. No more "try it and see" praying to the marketing gods. Simple, systematic action with clear instructions.

How would it feel to have a clear roadmap of exactly what it takes to 2x your business? Or 5x? Or 10x it?

The same amount of work. Gargantuan results.

It's like putting rocket fuel behind the strategies that work…and intentionally ignoring the ones that don't.

You can use these systems to grow your business.


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It's like having 10 coaches in your pocket for the price of a latte a day

For the first time, I'm teaching the advanced mechanics of growing from an "average" Loan Officer...to a 6, even 7-figure superstar.

Review section

  • Shashank Shekhar has an easy-going teaching method that he uses that will inspire you to learn from his proven loan origination techniques that will more than double your income. I would highly recommend that you sign up as soon as possible and come prepare to learn from a true expert, who is practicing what he is teaching, and not just teaching you about sales theory. He is the Real Deal!

    Ben Slayton
    President & CEO - Legacy Home Loans
  • Shashank Is a forward thinking thought Leader and has innovative ideas on how to capture realtor's attention and have them send you business. That coupled with his 12-touch realtor program truly make him a unique Mentor in today's Mortgage world.

    JC Mier
    Branch Manager/MLO – Alpha Loan Group – Alterra

If you're ready to grow your business, here's how MLO Master Class will help you:

There is a reason these training are called Master Classes. It's because you get taught by the masters of the game.

Of course, you get all my tips, tricks, tactics, and tools but you also have classes and coaching from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Your guest trainers include Khai McBride, Tim Davis, Andrew Pawlak, and Sam Parker just to name a few.

And then you have permanent faculties like Barry Habib; THE biggest name in the industry, and superstar social media trainer Megan Anderson.

You'll even hear from other Loan Officers who are at the top of their game, to see how they do it.

Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn

Getting More Client Leads and Referrals

  • How to build the perfect Pre, during, and post-acquisition process to skyrocket referrals from your clients
  • Comes with an easy-to-use checklist that you or your assistant can use for every client you work with

Working with and getting more business from Real Estate Agents

  • How to add hundreds of agents in your database who will actually pick up your calls
  • How to deepen and maintain the relationship
  • The #1 Realtor strategy that helped me build massive referral business from them

Getting 2x-5x done in Half the Time

  • Why Time Management is a useless concept and why you should be focusing on these three things instead
  • My proprietary 6D technique to free up an enormous amount of time
  • You have WAY more time than you think – I will show you how
  • You will never need to read any other Time Management article or book after this

Mastering Principles of Persuasion to influence people

  • Wouldn't it be cool if you can get your clients and referral partners to do what you want them to do? This module teaches you exactly that
  • Learn the 6 principles of persuasion
  • 20 powerful words that you can use on websites, social media, or in your emails to get more conversion

Systems & Automation

  • Get exactly the same pipeline tracker that I use to manage a $200M production pipeline aka the simplest tracker in the business
  • My step-by-step framework video that explains how to track leads, pipeline, and post-funding
  • How does your team structure need to change for different phases of your business
  • Automate your follow-up using BombBomb and other tech tools

How to do the Business Planning the Right Way

  • My proprietary one-page business planning that covers all the right elements
  • The "Revenue Multipliers" - the ONLY ways you can increase revenue, plus how to maximize each and ignore others
  • The 5 daily habits that help me achieve my business goals

Guest Trainers

  • Khai McBride teaches Team Structure
  • Tim Davis teaches Personal Branding
  • Andrew Pawlak teaches Online Lead Generation
  • Sam Parker teaches Perfecting follow-ups using Tech Tools

Permanent Faculties

  • Barry Habib regularly teaches classes including Business Planning and Interest Rate Myths
  • Megan Anderson teaches Social Media Mastery via weekly tips and master classes.

The MLO Story

Probably the most powerful of them all - A monthly series where we deep dive into one or two strategies with top producing Loan Officers across the country. Some of them are so basic any Loan Officer can implement it today. For example – Skylar Welch built a 250 loans/year production in 4 years using a realtor acquisition strategy that you can work on right away.

Plus, I've included these bonuses

  • Open Coaching Calls - I, Barry Habib, and Megan Anderson host open Q&A coaching calls where you can ask us any question related to your business
  • Exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group - Ask the coaches and trainers any Q or brainstorm with other students in members-only FB group
  • Specially Negotiated Discounts to the hottest tools like MBS Highway, and Lead Pops.

Mind you, this is just a sneak peek. The actual member's dashboard has so many more goodies waiting for you.

Is MLO Master Class right for you?

I believe in being very candid about who's right for this course…and who's not. If you're on the fence about this, you should not join.

The Loan Officers who are ready to take their business to the next level — and are ready to invest a serious amount of time and a little amount of money — will know this course is transformative because of the incredible value they can get.

If you're working harder than ever, but not seeing commensurate results, this training will help you to rapidly unlock the next level of your business.

Here are 2 reasons "MLO Master Class" might NOT be right for you.

1. You think this is a Get Rich Quick scheme

I've grown my business from $2.8M a year to $235M a year, but that didn't happen overnight.

While you will learn from my dozens of mistakes and only get to work on tried, tested, and proven techniques, this in no way means that you will see that kind of growth immediately.

There are several pieces of training which will help you quickly increase your production but if you are ambitious like me and want to grow your business several folds, it will take time.

This is not a get rich quick training.

2. You think this is a done-for-you program

While the strategies, the tool, and coaching are done for you, the work is not.

If you are a lazy Loan Officer who believes this is the next shiny object which will miraculously increase your business with little to no work at their end – you are mistaken.

This will require work, a lot of work. I will ask you to get out of your comfort zones a few times to implement some of the tactics.

While some require only a little bit of work, more impactful ideas may require more work.

Irrespective, if you are not ready to do the work, you should NOT join MLO Master Class.

I hate lazy people and I do not want them to be part of my program.

Review section

  • Regardless of how many years you've been in business, Shashank will blow your mind with his insight and knowledge! You NEED his training!"

    Cassandra Evers
    "Mortgage Loan Guru", MLO
  • Shashank is an inspiration among the very best of Loan Officers, not only because he is an incredible coach and mentor, but also because his depth of wisdom is not limited to mortgages. He has a simple, yet precise ability to cut through the chaos and confusion in our business and communicate systems and processes with the elegance and authenticity of a man who looks for ways to help elevate others. You would be blessed to work with Shashank.

    Marty Hankins Johnson
    Branch Manager – Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp

I'm thrilled to take my 10+ years of business success and compress some of the most valuable lessons into this course on growing your business. Why not give yourself every advantage you can?


Discounted Price

$95 / Month

Month to Month Contract

No annual commitment required

No Long Term Contracts

30-day Cancellation

Instead of thinking about the costs, think about the VALUE.

What is it worth to you to 2x, 5x, 10x your business?

What is it worth to you to learn my proven strategies, tactics, mindsets, and systems for becoming a top producer? (I charge $2,000/month for personal coaching and rarely accept 1-on-1 clients, so this course is the ONLY way to learn and build off of my experience.)

As I said before - It's like having 10 coaches in your pocket for the price of a latte a day

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Discounted Price

$95 / Month

Month to Month Contract

No annual commitment required

No Long Term Contracts

30-day Cancellation